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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Astrology?

Astrology is a lighgt of God means it will let you know what karma and what path you have to follow  in your life to reach a destiny.

How Astrology can help me?

Astrology helps you in taking right decisions as a preventive measures by telling you intime the bad  events which are going to happen in your coming life

What are Different Branches in Astrology?

Parashri Astrology, Gemini Astrology, KP Astrology,lal Kitab are majorly effective branches of Astrology.

How one should ask the questions?

As Astrology Answers the questions with respect to specific context, so anyone should ask the questions like this
1. what should be my profession?
2. which gemstone suits me for business or health or finance?
3. when will be my marriage going to happen?


Which Branch of Astrology should I have to study?

If you are a fresher then you must know the basics of astrologer which come under vedic astrology then after you can go for KP paddhati) astrology..

Which is most accurate branch of astrology for predictions?

KP and gemini astrology are the most accurate of all.

Is remedies really work?

The working and result giving remedies depend on the analysis of an astrologer as well as intention of the doer.

What is Horary astrology?

It answers any question which just has arrived in the mind by making the present transit chart also it answers any query based on set of rules.


What type of remedies are prescribed in astrology?

Remedies are basically used to balance the energy of the body by means of donation of a pirticular item for a specific period,
or by wearing a gemstone the energy should be enhanced , or by adding a symbol or mark on a body on should be balanced.

What is Astro- Vastu?

t is a Specific Concept in astrology which is used to neutralize the negative effects of planets through placing or removing a
pirticular item in a pirticular direction.


How Lal kitab Vastu is different from other Vastu branches?

Lal kitab is a Divine talk of God in which the actual directions are connected with a birth chart of an individual as a result of which
vastu can be remedized easily by reading with symtoms only.

What is KP Astrolgy?

It is the most detailed branch of astrology which is used for accurate predictions based on Placidous division used in western astrology.

Are 13-15 classes are enough to understand the Astrology?

To understand, apply and predict as per the basic and advance principles of astrology 13-15 classes are sufficient, but to get master the art of
predicting one must practice 40 charts for each set of rules.

What material is given during the courses?

Course mannuals are given in which all the concepts and examples are given in order to understand the concept.

Should we Repeat the course?

Yes, by giving the Hotel expanses you can Repeat the Courses.

How we can ask the Queries after the Course?

Every online and offline batches is having a seperate whatsapp group in which group discussion are going on and answers are given by our panel
and Rahul sir also give some extra classes beside their busy schedule.

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