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Starting with how to live a life as per your Birth Horoscope.

best astrologer service in india by Rahul Kaushik ji

Mr. Rahul Kaushik is best in giving accurate Astrological Predictions and Remedies with 100% surety of Yes or No. He offers the best astrologer service in India. And has in-depth knowledge of the subject and has good observations. Besides, he has worked on thousands of chart. As a result of which he comes up with the latest research in Astrology. And named it as “Rahul Paddhati.”

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A Brief view

Astrology is a science of studying the effects of Planets, Nakshatras and other energy points in Space. As a result, it automatically shows an impact on a human being in all aspects of life. In addition to this, it is the only science which gives accurate details of events in the past, present, and future. As per Rahul Kaushik its a science of living as per your Kundali. In order to select your right aspects and prospects in life and to reach your fixed destiny, it is necessary too. His success mantra is to do the karma as per your Kundali, which results in making you more successful.

Brief view

Nearly every branch is best for predicting particular events in Astrology. And by Gods Grace, Mr. Rahul Kaushik delivers the best results to his clients. There are many branches of Astrology, for instance; Parashari Astrology, Jaimini Astrology, Nadi Nakshatra, KP Astrology, and Lal Kitab. However, remedies are the best part, which results in solving the problems of an individual.

K.P. Astrology

To begin with, KP, which stands for “Krishnamurthy Paddhati.” The Placidus house division method is the basis for the KP System of Astrology. Furthermore, in this, every house has a different division of degrees. For this reason, every other house may or may not be of 30degress as in Vedic Jyotish.

In KP system importance is given to stars or Nakshatras. These Nakshatras further divides into ‘subs.’ Specifically, here the house is called as ‘Cusp’ and Result of any cusp is given by its Nakshatra.

In KP Astrology, the cuspal chart is essential as it is the actual chart which comes out based on the Placidus system of Zodiac. And it gives exact positions of planets and Rashis corresponding to the birth of an individual.

KP Overview

Moreover, in KP Astrology, we have to focus on the Script of the Planet mainly, i.e., Planet is a source through which event initiates. Nakshatra gives the final execution of any event. Not only but also it manifests it through the help of a source Sublord. And is the final outcome which tells us about gain or loss. Furthermore, ruling planets in KP Astrology are the divine indications used during the aid of confusion and predicting the Timing of Events with 100% accuracy. For many situations, ruling Planets are used to make accurate predictions.

With this in mind, Mr. Rahul Kaushik masters the Art of Predicting the events. Likewise, in the classes and workshops, Mr. Rahul Kaushik delivers a lot of concepts involved in KP Astrology. So that you can learn easier, Deeper, and differently.


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Vastu by Rahul Kaushik ji He gives best astrologer service in india

Rahul kaushik made the vastu very easy based on Astrology, he introduced a lot of contacts-concepts in the vastu based on Kp astrology through which one can have a very fast and quick results. He introduced Astro Vastu, Nakshatra vastu and many more concepts for specifying the Main Entries. Such as toilets, placement of bedrooms one of the best thing one can judge the ‘element’ which is unbalanced in whole life of an individual vastu in totality drive as per kundali of indvidual.

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For the reason that the office is primarily constructed to get over-all success and good profit. Therefore maintaining and controlling staff properly. Furthermore, Vastu compliant office positively renders everything, keeping the flow of wealth in a good position and help to make a business successful. We often see people sometimes venturing into business without consulting. In spite of jumping directly into the market, one should take into account the things regarding plot and direction important for every business. Besides, office Vastu maintains the economic growth, tackles staff, helps make the environment serene and positive. Finally clears the obstacle coming into the business.


– To begin with, prefer square or rectangle shaped plots for office structure over irregularly shaped plots.

– Second, east facing office is considered good bountiful.

– Water resource or element if any, must be placed or installed in North-east of the office.

– Northern or eastern sides are considered more suitable for executive and other staff members.

– The southern or Western portion is best suited for Managerial level and other high-level people in the office so they must face North or East while sitting in the office.

– The owner of the business enterprise should face North while dealing or working with clientele.

Furthermore, the second overview:
– The north-east portion of the office should be left empty with water resource installed.

– Toilets ought to be built in the West or North-western side while maintaining a strategic distance from the toilet in South-east, North East.


– The south-east direction is for the Washrooms.

– The South is for the staircases. Stay away from the stairs in center or Brahmsthan of office.

– North East is for outlining receptions.

-If there is a temple in the office, construct it in the North-east. Furthermore, don’t make employees sit under the beam.

– Colors in the office should be pleasing and bright, which do not spread sadness or gloom.

– You can make the waiting room in the North-west or North-east.

-Attractive pictures should be hung on walls while avoiding war or evil depicting photographs.

– You can construct the pantry in the South-east direction.

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First of all, the true meaning of Vastu is dwelling, which is the home for humans and Gods. Also, the multiple energies that come from the atmosphere like solar energy from the sun, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy, cosmic energy, lunar energy, wind energy are the basis for Vastu Shastra.

Over View

Moreover, these energies can be balanced to enhance prosperity, peace, and success. And if a house is made keeping these principles into consideration, the inmates enjoy all the happiness in life. Likewise, if it’s against Vastu principals, it will be a place for all sort of problems, worries, and no peace.


To begin with Industrial Vastu, we’ll say that in the industries, the production should increase and so the movement of finished goods. Moreover, it can lead to more production, increased sales, no problem with labor, and smooth working, if we follow the principles of Industrial Vastu.

Whatever be the industry, the principles of the Industrial Vaastu usually remains the same. And it should always be kept in the mind while preparing the map, constructing it, installment of machinery, final production and dispatching them to the demander/client. The principles of Vastu Shastra are universal no matter what is the place or anything else. Even though there are considerable differences in the process flow or production methods etc. in different industries, but the principles are unchanged.


To begin with, here are some tips for Industrial Vastu:

– In the South and West Side of the building, make thicker walls, and in the North and East side make thinner walls.

– Build the staircase in the Southwest direction.

– The floors slope should be towards East, North, and Northeast sides and never towards West, South.

– Place the toilets in Northwest or Western corners. Never construct the toilets in the Northeast and Southwest corners.

– Construct the basement in either the Eastern, Northern or Northeastern corner of the building.

– In Northeast direction should lie the underwater tank.

– Place the overhead water tank in the Southwest corner.

– Install heavy machinery in the Southwest, West & South zones.

– Construct Administrative office and other office blocks in the North & East.

– Build the staff quarters and the outhouse in the Northwest corner.

– Avoid placing heavy items in the Northeastern and central side of the building.

– The heat zone or the burners, boilers, ovens, generators, furnace transformers, chimneys should be in the Southeast corner.

– Do not dump the garbage in the Northeast corner of the site.


Moreover, we have to take care of the following points while studying about the Vastu of the industry. It takes in-depth analysis to go Vastu consultation of production.


Actual location of the industry regarding roads.

Direction of the Entrance.

Exteriors of the office like height, shape, slope or water level.

Location of the beams.

The location of the basement.

Direction & placement of the employees.

Placement and direction of the windows.

The direction & placement of the owner.

Placement and direction &of the heavy machines.

Direction & placement of the finished goods.

Placement and direction of the raw materials.

Second step

The direction and placement of the stairs.

Direction & placement of the water boring.

Placement and direction of the electrical appliance like generators.

The direction & placement of the oven.

Direction & placement of the guard room.

Placement and direction of AC, cooler, audio systems.

The direction & placement of the toilets.

Direction & placement of the pantry/kitchen.

The placement and direction of the waste disposal or the septic tank.

The direction and placement of the administrative area.

Direction & placement of the water products.

The placement and direction of the staff quarters.

The direction & placement of the staff underground water tank.

The colour scheme of the industry.

The direction & placement of the OH water tank.

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Numerology by Rahul Kaushik ji, He gives the best astrologer service in india

Mr. Rahul Kaushik has done intensive research on the Kaballah Numerology and Astro Numerology. Using which one can find with what numbers and names he/she has to connect in his life. In addition to this, name correction is always a heated aspect in numerology. And based on Kaballah numerology, it is very accurate. Furthermore, Kaballah Numerology comes from the Jewish community, and they use it in every aspect of their lives. The name of an individual is a vibration that we pronounce, which is the basis of Kaballah Numerology. And based on the Language Devnagri Our ‘Name’ is the only Mantra which is chanted throughout in our life which contributes in our energy.

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kaballah Numerology

Numerology in itself is a complete science which works on the principle of vibration. Anything which we speak, pronounce or hear resonates at some frequency whether it’s any name or brand name. The vibrations produced attracts something similar as per its characteristic behavior as defined by The Law Of Attraction, which says ‘same attracts the same.’


Kaballah Numerology is a science which decodes the truth of vibrations based on the Devnagri script of alphabets.

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Why the Name numerology is so important?

Name: A name is an antenna which catches a station to which it is tuned. It’s like a mantra which is chanted all your life from the beginning of your birth to death. Which directly means we have to select the right mantra for our life to be on the right track. Most importantly, for the fulfillment of desires and having a successful life.

Furthermore, the name also decides the people whom you’ll connect with as per the vibration of your name. So we must select every name with proper analysis for the reason that the combined vibration of a name works as a mantra for your whole life.


The Same Kaballah Numero principle will work for your name, your kids’ name, your house, your business, your brand and so on.

You can also predict the events of life of an individual which are calculated using Devnagri script, corresponding to numbers 1-9 which connects you with planets as well as Vastu.

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We have the following services related to Numerology

1. Name Numerology (Name Correction, New Name for kids)
2. Brand Name Numerology(Brand Name Selection, Brand logo designing, Banners designing)
3. Partnership balancing
4. Numbers like innerself and outerself (Soul Numberand Driver Number)
5. Financial Number
6. Balance Number
7. House Name Selection
8. Car Number Selection

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Astro Remedies


Astrological Remedies by Rahul Kaushik ji, He gives best astrologer service in india

Do you ever wonder why you have to struggle? Do you feel burdened with debts, poverty, and other financial problems even after working hard? These might be due to faults or Dashas in your horoscope. You can resolve these problems with Astrological remedies.

Over View

We consider Astro Remedies as a divine tool in astrology. Astro Remedies also helps in Vedic Astrology to provide solutions to problems of anyone’s life. Ranging from miseries – personal, familial,  financial, etc. to hurdles, delays, disillusionment, confusions, or the search for spiritual consciousness. The problems could be mental, physical, or even metaphorical. They could be material in nature too. Astro Remedies can give solutions to all the issues.

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What Diseases are associated with Planets?


If the positioning of the Moon is weak, it leads to blood problems. And problems related to excess or shortage of water,  diabetes, appendix, cough problem, vomiting, kidney problems. It can also lead to urinary tract problems, mouth problems, mental problems, heart and lungs problems, asthma, diarrhea, etc.


If the positioning of the Sun is weak in your birth chart, then you might face problems related to the heart and skin. Your head can suffer from constant fever, stomach, liver, eyes, neurological problems, unconsciousness, etc.


A person affected by wrong positioning of this planet might have to face problems related to nerves, issues in the nose, skin itching or typhoid. It can also cause mental issues, paralysis, epilepsy, ulcers, mouth problems, skin problems, hysteria, dizziness, pneumonia, complicated fever, jaundice, voice defects, throat problems, etc.


If Roga Dosha, which causes diseases, exists in the birth chart. One might face problems such as skin itching, blood problems, problems of neck and throat, urinary tract problems, tumor, cancer, piles, ulcer, dehydration, and persistent fever.


If the positioning of Jupiter is weak in your birth chart, then you might face problems such as jaundice, dim memory, teeth problems, liver, ears, diabetes, mental problems, etc. Venus Vision problems,  throat problems, impotence, urinary tract problems, epilepsy, indigestion, jaundice, etc., are also associated with this planet.


If the positioning of the Saturn is weak in your birth chart, then you might face problems such as pain in the knees or legs, weakness, stomach pain, teeth or skin problems, muscle problems, hearing defects, cough, paralysis, asthma, etc.


If the positioning of the Rahu is weak in your birth chart, then you might face problems such as weakness, severe pain, cancer, measles, total loss of sanity, etc.


If the positioning of the Ketu is weak in your birth chart, then you might face blood problems, weakness, allergies, laziness, wounds, etc., are born.

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Gemstone by Rahul Kaushik ji, He gives best astrologer service in india

The Indian astrology is something to be thankful for. It is passed down to generations to help them in all parts of life. Astrology divides the viewpoints into 12 planets of your horoscope. A few planets are benefices, and some are malefic. Gemstones are the medicinal arrangement given to any individual to build the quality of benefic planets. And decreasing the quality of malefic planets. Gemstones are the essential piece of soothsaying from the old circumstances. To endorse a gemstone evacuation of the evil effect of a malefic planet or to enhance the gainful effects of a benefic planet is very normal.

Over View

After step by step investigation of your Vedic horoscope, our celestial prophets will endorse you the reasonable gemstone. And also the other fundamental variables like appropriate weight, proper finger in which one needs to wear the gem. Furthermore, you’ll learn a suitable day for wearing it and other vital subtle elements. A wrong gemstone can upgrade the troubles of a man as opposed to evacuating them. The stone must match the characteristics of the individual. And it must ‘excite’ the features that a man needs to end up progress. We should discover which jewels will help the wearer’s fortunes and success and endorse in like manner. The cure must play down the awful characteristics of the individual while improving great ones.

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For accurate gems remedies astrologer must have details like

For accurate remedies from Gemstones, the astrologer must have details like:
1. To begin with, your name

2. Your date of birth

3. Time of birth

4. Place of birth

Our astrologer can analyze your horoscope. And prescribe you the gemstone which will enhance your luck, property, mental peace, happiness, success, business, career, education, marriage and love relationship. As a result, it will reduce the malefic impacts like accidents, depressions, enemies, diseases, losses, mental illness.

The reader can send their birth details, and we can provide you all the information regarding.

Over view

Wondering which Gemstone will suit you? Don’t think much, just give a call to us and we’ll tell you everything about Gemstones! The property which you should take care when buying Gemstones are:

1. To begin with, the weight of the gemstone.

2. Second is the Right Material.

Correct mantra to keep the Gem pure and energized:

1. Time, Day, Date, and other wearing Instructions for the GemStone to get what you desire from it.

2. There are astrological rules for wearing this birthstone. So simply buying these gemstones from the jewelry shop without the astrological analysis will not serve any purpose. Believe our professional astrologers to recommend you the most suited Gemstone consultancy report for you.

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Birth Time Rectification


Birth time Rectification by Rahul Kaushik ji , He gives best astrologer service in india.

We require BTR when an individual doesn’t have his birth details correct. Or when a person doesn’t have surety of the exact time of his birth. And if the time is between a half hour Or one hour. Or sometimes people are not having their year correct.

So for the right prediction and remedies, correct Horoscope is must as it’s a base or foundation. As we know, Mr. Rahul Kaushik has a perfect observation, which is the key for BTR. As one must have a mastery of the planets and how they are speaking from the one’s mouth the form of its problems or the way he speaks

Over View

In BTR there are various techniques used to correct the wrong time of birth, year of birth. And this is done with the help of events (good or bad) that are happened to the individual or by the help of his family members details.

To begin with, the fee of BTR is: 6000Rs

Consulation Services From best astrologer service in india

Astrologer in delhi consultation


Complete horoscope Analysis

Remedies for All the Areas

Gemstone Recommendation “only for Gemstone”(  INR 4000/-)

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Vastu Consulation


Residential  and office Vastu up to 1500 square feet        fee:  INR 51000/-

Industrial Vastu .   fee: INR 195000/-

Complete Vastu Evaluation

Vastu Remedies for Home and office

Complete Industry including Administration Office Evaluation Remedies for All Areas

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51,000/- to 1,95,000/-

Numero Consulation


Complete Numero Analytics

Name and Signature Analytics

How and Where to Use Numero Remedies .    Fee:  INR 13000/-

Uniquely Precised Methods are used to Recommend the Gemstones by Rahul Kaushik . 

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Fee:INR 4000/-

Followers Testimonials


Birth Time Rectification is one of the best astrologer services in India that we provide. BTR is necessary when an individual doesn’t have his birth details correct. It is required when a person doesn’t have a surety of right time of his birth. And the base for right prediction and remedies is correct horoscope. Moreover, perfect observation is the key for BTR is perfect observation. And this the place where Mr Rahul, who is one of the best astrologer in Delhi plays his part!

Kavita Aneja Khattar

“Vivamus magna justo, lacinia eget consectetur sed, convallis at tellus. Curabitur aliquet quam id dui posuere blandit. Praesent sapien massa, convallis a pellentesque nec, egestas non nisi. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in”

Mohan Kumar Padmanabhuni

I have attended a workshop conducted by Rahul Sir a few months back. And I was blown by the best astrologer services in India that he is providing. He shares his knowledge in a profound way. Also, it was mind blowing to see, the way in which he synchronize Astrology & Vastu. Moreover, as for any doubt during the workshop, he explained it in such an easy manner. That is why he is one of the famous astrologer in Delhi and India. He is lively & has the clarity of purpose. And he’s always willing to nurture the attendees with his passion and knowledge.

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